Roxy has been a student of the mysteries from a very young age. Driven by a longing to understand why we were here and what the purpose of life was she yearned for the truth and union with the what could be understood as the divine.  This led her to explore many spiritual paths over the last 28 years finally finding her home with the ways of the ancients. With a deep connection to nature and love for animals she has always been passionate about peaceful and natural living.  Her way as a peaceful warrior began early. At the age of 9 she managed to get herself on UK television airing her disdain about cartoon violence and the impact it was having on children.  She attended her first meditation at the age of 11 which she found very boring! A consummate rebel, she would often read mystical books in the lessons or in her school classes much to her teachers disdain. 

In her early 20s she travelled to northern India and reconnected with the Sanatana Dharma (the eternal way) of her ancestors learning about the different forms of yoga. In the foothills of the Himalayas she attended her first meditation retreat and was initiated into the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  The wisdom of the Buddha underpins her work as well as many other world wide wisdom traditions - especially those that honour the divine feminine.   Roxy has received many initiations in her lifetime and undergone a deep journey of self discovery.


Her life long spiritual studies and development have naturally led her to the path of wanting to help and serve others.  She has excavated the deepest levels of her heart transforming the anger, old sorrows, shame and sadness into wisdom, strength and compassion.  Roxy prides her self on her, open, and practical nature - weaving her skills as a healer, an intuitive, coach and consultant to provide a unique offering.




​Roxy is an experienced healer and is honoured to walk the ancient path of the Inca mystic shaman or in the Quechua language of her lineage Pampamesayoq. This word partly translates as earth keeper and also could be understood as 'shaman', 'priestess or priest' and 'ceremonialist'. The Q'ero shamans are the direct descendants of the Inca and live in the high Andes of Peru. though there lineage and culture is far more ancient. They are powerful healers who act as bridges between worlds and perform ceremonies to restore balance to the cosmos. Their knowledge was held in secrecy until recently. In accordance with their prophecy they began sharing their wisdom to help support the transition to a new time which some may equate with spiritual 'ascension'.  They are referred to as energetic mystics that work with the energy of stars and the forces of nature. She is also trained and experienced in a number of other healing modalities including Kambo and Reiki as well holding a masters degree in Psychology. She is passionate about plant based foods as a means for healing and is a Hippocrates certified Health Educator.


As a seer and oracle, Roxy helps guide people at a soul level. She spent a number of years denying and misunderstanding her intuitive abilities as a clairvoyant, empath and medium. She has been studying the mystic arts from an early age including astrology, tarot, runes and palmistry.  She had contact with her spirits guides at a young age but dismissed it as imagination. She hails from a family of seers and healers on both family lines.   After spending many years healing herself and initiating the process of spiritual ascension, she recognised the calling to the healing path later in life after having a successful career in the business world. She now supports others on the path of awakening through her services and teachings. You can read more about readings here.

Consultant and Coach

With over 20 years experience in business, Roxy demonstrated her strength and capability as an agent of change. She is a proven business consultant. She has managed very complex and challenging change programmes in a number of corporate and public sector organisations. Aside from her leadership roles she has designed and delivered training interventions as well as acted as coach and mentor. She now uses this wealth of experience to support and coach individuals and business owners in achieving their desired goals.

Skills and Training

Inca Healing

  • Apprentice Paqo to the Q'ero and receiving training in their ancient system of healing. 

  • Mesa carrier and have received initiations from the elders of the Q'ero tribe from the high Andes in Peru.

  • This shamanic path is aligned to the divine feminine and is mystical in nature with its ties to the Inca civilisation and the ways of the ancients. 


  • Experienced Kambo practitioner and was trained several years ago by a master teacher.

  • Developed my own style of working but have been trained in traditional applications as well as working with the TCM Meridian points.

Energy Healing

Compassionate Spirit Release


  • Trained in the Betsy Bergstrom Buddhist inspired method of compassionate shamanic spirit release.  


Living Foods Nutrition and Detoxification

Education and Psychological Training 

  • BA (Hons) Drama degree

  • Postgraduate Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology with author and lecturer Steve Taylor

  • Mindfulness based practices including meditation

  • Psychoanalysis - I have a particular interest in psychoanalysis and literature 

  • Transpersonal Psychology and Jungian based approaches


  • Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP practitioner) of 11 years

  • I have been applying coaching in business and personal contexts for a number of years

  • I was taught the The Emotion Code with Dr Bradley Nelson in the USA 

  • Counselling skills

"You are a drop of the mystery, and your life is a gift from the living cosmos"

- J P Wilcox



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