Soul Discovery 

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others..."

- Jonathan Swift 

I would describe myself as seer and have a deep connection to spirit. I can use my gifts to gain insight into your life and to help guide you on challenges that you may be facing. I connect and work with a range of being including loved ones in spirit as well your guides and nature spirits.

I am primarily a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  In other words I see, hear, feel and know information via my inner or psychic eye.  I am also a channel and receive information via light codes and light language sound frequencies which I use for clearing and activating during healing sessions.  


Spirit help me read what some describe as the Akashic records which allows me to bring through poignant information about past lives which can be helpful for understanding present day challenges. The language of spirit is symbolic and mystical which means that the immediate meaning is not always fully understood. It can sometimes take time for the full message to unravel.

Although I do provide general readings my speciality are spiritual readings combined with coaching. The guidance I receive is usually of a more deeper content often helping people to understand their life purpose, their talents and their spiritual gifts. Your guides may point me to blocks or challenges that need to be recognised. My readings are respectful, compassionate and inspiring.

Coaching and Mentoring

I also coach and mentor people on their spiritual development, especially those who are 'starseeded' - meaning they have a deep connection to the star nations and are wanting support on unlocking their unique gifts and talents. I also like to support those who feel a calling to the shamanic path but are not sure where to start. 


I support people on connecting with their guides and developing their spiritual gifts. I have been developing my mediumship for a number of years and have received teachings from some astounding teachers and mentors in this time. Opening to spirit later in my life has put me on a teaching path, when I began to experience phenomena such as spirit contact I found limited support - especially with contact and experience with spiritual beings that did not fit the standard category.


I therefore endeavour to share with clients the best practice and simple tools and techniques that I have found have worked for me in order to progress and stretch my abilities. Of course this is all done in conscious cooperation with my spirit team.  Working in partnership with spirit has been a very rewarding journey that I am extremely thankful for.

Types of Readings Offered 

General - 30 minutes 

You can ask a specific question in advance and I will focus on guidance on that or just leave it open. The reading is generally structured around the past, present and future. 

General Reading with Healing - 60 minutes

This is a general reading as above but includes a distant or in-person healing to help clear and revitalise your energy field or deal with a specific issue. 

Soul Themes - Written Report with 15 minute consultation

The soul theme reading uses your astrological make up, numerology and looks at your talents, strengths, potential and shadow aspects. This a very comprehensive reading which also includes a section dedicated to any specific questions. A date and time of birth is required for this reading. This is presented as a PDF  report to keep.

Spiritual Gifts and Talents - 60 minutes

In this reading I will work with your spiritual guides and teams to get a picture of your unique soul signature. I will be given guidance on what your psychic and intuitive strengths are, your talents, any hindrances to development and past life influences. I will also provide a current situation reading. There is an opportunity to discuss questions you may have or to leave it open.


Coaching and Mentoring

I support budding psychics and mediums especially those who are undergoing ascension and need support. Sometimes we can combine a reading with mentioning support. Please see this section for more details. Sometimes clients just want someone to speak to about their experiences.



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