Heart Warming Soul Surgery

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..."

- Unknown

What is Inca healing?


Inca healing is both a tool for self-development and a way of healing our families, communities, our environment and of course ourselves.  This ancient tradition comes from an unbroken lineage that has been preserved by the Q’ero tribe of the Andes for many thousands of years.  It has mystical, magical and shamanic aspects and links directly with the world of ‘living energy' including starlight and the spirits of nature. For the Q’ero everything is alive. 


At the heart of the Inca healing arts is the concept of the Inca seed. It is believed that everyone is born with a seed of potential that contains your own unique soul signature. This contains all your latent talents and gifts as well as your unique soul’s purpose. Like any good gardener knows, in order for a seed to grow we have to ensure that we have the right conditions in place. Perhaps we need to clear weeds, feed and nourish the earth with water and sunlight in order for the seed to grow. It is no different when it comes to your Inca seed – we create the right conditions so that your true potential can grow and bloom. To get there we use energy, healing, ritual, prayer and initiations. 


The Inca system of healing focuses on nourishing and connecting with our inner child, which many have forsaken due to stress, trauma, negative programming, ancestral patterning or other limiting hindrances. When we begin to nurture this inner child we can step into a world of possibility and playfulness, which can lead to far more enriching life experiences. We activate our inherent ability to manifest and create the reality we desire in right balance to everyone and everything. For the Q'ero all is connected. 

Is Inca Healing Shamanic?

Yes, although it encompasses a broader body of mysticism. This form of shamanism is strongly tied to the cosmos especially the constellation of the Pleiades. Of course there is a strong reverence and respect for all aspect of nature which lies at the centre of this path.

What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is a term that anthropologists derived after observing the ways of wisdom keepers from across the globe. It is a very ancient world-view and practice that centres in part on animism. This is the belief that everything is alive, from the trees to the sky to water.  Contemporary quantum physics certainly would not disagree however; our ancestors were having such contemplations as far back 30,000 year ago. 


From the shamanic perspective, a person becomes out of balance when they experience a loss of power or soul energy. This can manifest as a physical, emotional or mental issues which leave us vulnerable to further unwanted intrusions, which only seem compound and exasperate the issue. It can become an energetic entanglement in which the original wound now gives way to limiting beliefs or unhelpful behavior.  


Very often the client is consciously unaware of the root cause of their issue. The shamanic healer is an energetic fixer that utilises the altered state of consciousness to contact the spirit world in order to address the root cause and restore power. This work dives deep into the unconscious of a client’s soul in partnership with loving and supporting spirit kin. It is the role of the healer to operate from a place of loving non-judgment and to help the client to feel empowered.  


What shamanic techniques do you use?


  • Soul retrieval

  • Compassionate Spirit release

  • Intrusion extraction

  • Ancestral healing

  • Energetic cleansing and Illumination

  • Initiations and Activations

  • House and Space Clearning

Why would I benefit from this healing?

This healing would benefit anyone who resonates with this path of healing and is wanting to make a deeper commitment to their self transformation and get to the root cause of their issues. Many of my clients are drawn to the shamanic path and I often act as a gatekeeper for those who are wishing to explore the healing arts, deepening their connection to nature and themselevs.

Who will benefit from the initiations?

The initiations are designed for those committed to the spiritual path such as light workers, healers and shamanic practitioners. They are not suitable for those who have not undergone any self healing or shadow work. Please get in touch should wish to discuss this further.

Please get in touch should you have any further questions.



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